Saturday, August 21, 2010

Just so you know I'm still alive and knitting

I've knit quite a bit reccently and bought a few barbie and kens as well as clothes for them. I just haven't really had anything I was really proud to show off . Keep checking in for updates though! ^_^

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Size D crochet hook
Wendy Velvet Touch
Tapestry needle
Remnants of crochet cotton

Chain 15, work half double crochet the normal way until swatch is square. bind off all stitches and weave in ends. Insert hook into 1 and chain 8. Insert hook into 2 and bo. Insert hook into 3 and chain 8, then insert hook into 4 and BO. Insert hook into 5 and chain 15, insert hook into 6 and BO.

Finally take crochet cotton, crochet one chain at the top of the sling until it reaches half way around the barbie's neck. Repeat on the other side. Weave in ends.

I don't usually write crochet patterns so if this isn't clear please feel free to ask for help.

Rose has a new body plus another pic of dolls I brought on first time

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Did a doll census,

So I did a census of my barbie dolls today. I have currently:

-Nine white blonde barbies
-Three nonwhite barbies (only two usable for children as Rose, my favorite doll (in the green) has bitten up hands and feet that I don't think kids would appreciate (but that I don't mind.)
-Two Kens (well technically one Ken, one John Smith but he's Ken sized and doesn't have his original clothes)
- Five blond white Kellys
-One red headed white Kelly
-One African American Kelly
-One white blond Tommy
-One white blonde Krissy.

Here is also a picture of me dropping off my first donation of dolls, earlier last week:

Yes I am wearing an Indiana Jones hat, yes it is dorky, but it made me feel all heroic like.

Monday, August 9, 2010

more baby Krissy stuff

I designed this sling last night while trying to make Krissy a sleeper sack out of Wendy Velvet touch (which feels just like the stuff baby sleeper sacks are made of), but I discovered it would be very hard to to make it fit her, so instead I made it into a sling. I will try hard to make a sleeper sack for Kelly instead of Krissy, as she might be easier to fit.

Despite coming out of a mistake the sling is still useful as Barbies can't hold Krissy dolls.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

New clothes today.

So I got a Krissy doll a while back in a bag of doll clothes. She came with only one outfit that well lets just say it didn't look right because it didn't have a diaper. So today I made her a few things, a bonnet and a diaper. It is my goal however to make three diapers (not including the one I already made,) booties  four dresses or pants or jammies or what have you, three bonnets, two blankets and a diaper bag. If I could also make one of these strollers for her from this site:
I'd enjoy that too.

I also made one of my Kellys a new dress, I'm stocking up on Kelly clothes so the next one that comes naked can be dressed right away. So far I made a sweater of my own design (two posts down, its the red one) and this jumper:

Please tell me what you all think. ^_^

Saturday, August 7, 2010

I have the tutus done.

I'm shocked I have them dressed already, I think their outfits are super cute. What do you think?
Kelly doll ballerina outfits.

Size three knitting needles

Remnants of a smooth textured yarn and an eyelash yarn

Size B crochet hook

Row 1: cast on 1 stitch, knit front, back, front. (3)

Row 2 and all wrong sized rows: purl

Row 3: Knit front back , knit one, knit front back (5)

Row 5: knit front back , knit three, knit front back (7)

Row 6: cast on six stitches, purl across the row (13)

Row 7: cast on six stitches (19) work even for about 3/4ths an inch. Bind off.

Sew up back seam and sew front flap to back flap.

Using B hook attach front flap to back flap using fun fur yarn using single crochet, in doing this make sure to shape this into leg holes. Break yarn.

Single crochet around the top edge of the tutu with the fun fur. When done with row, break yarn and weave in ends. Finally chain two straps using the smooth textured yarn for arm straps.