Saturday, August 7, 2010

I have the tutus done.

I'm shocked I have them dressed already, I think their outfits are super cute. What do you think?
Kelly doll ballerina outfits.

Size three knitting needles

Remnants of a smooth textured yarn and an eyelash yarn

Size B crochet hook

Row 1: cast on 1 stitch, knit front, back, front. (3)

Row 2 and all wrong sized rows: purl

Row 3: Knit front back , knit one, knit front back (5)

Row 5: knit front back , knit three, knit front back (7)

Row 6: cast on six stitches, purl across the row (13)

Row 7: cast on six stitches (19) work even for about 3/4ths an inch. Bind off.

Sew up back seam and sew front flap to back flap.

Using B hook attach front flap to back flap using fun fur yarn using single crochet, in doing this make sure to shape this into leg holes. Break yarn.

Single crochet around the top edge of the tutu with the fun fur. When done with row, break yarn and weave in ends. Finally chain two straps using the smooth textured yarn for arm straps.

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