Sunday, August 8, 2010

New clothes today.

So I got a Krissy doll a while back in a bag of doll clothes. She came with only one outfit that well lets just say it didn't look right because it didn't have a diaper. So today I made her a few things, a bonnet and a diaper. It is my goal however to make three diapers (not including the one I already made,) booties  four dresses or pants or jammies or what have you, three bonnets, two blankets and a diaper bag. If I could also make one of these strollers for her from this site:
I'd enjoy that too.

I also made one of my Kellys a new dress, I'm stocking up on Kelly clothes so the next one that comes naked can be dressed right away. So far I made a sweater of my own design (two posts down, its the red one) and this jumper:

Please tell me what you all think. ^_^

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