Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My First Post

I'm Madeline, I'm 17 and a 3.9 GPA high school student with high functioning autism. When I was younger I lived in a battered women's shelter and recalled having few toys. Now that I am older and can knit I have decided to give back to the girls and boys living in the same situation by fixing up dolls from the thrift stores and garage sales and giving them to battered women's shelters.

Here are some examples of my work and more examples will be coming soon:


  1. See! I told you you could do it!
    katy off rav :D

  2. I'll be following you! keep up the great work!

    Twirlz from Rav

  3. This is a terrific project - you should be very proud. :) The clothes look great!

  4. this just warmed my heart and brought a smile to my face. what you are doing is awesome! and your positive attitude and generosity will be returned to you.

    (wynne from ravelry)

  5. So nice of you to think of those in the shelters. This will probably be one of the things they remember most when they look back in years to come. Well done!

  6. what a very generous thing to do.
    Best wishes to you

  7. Despite a rough life earlier, you have become one awesome young lady! And a question, what about Barbie clones? I have a fully clothed one needing a home, and if she stays here she'll never have more than the clothes on her back cause my hands can't manage it.