Friday, August 6, 2010

This week's garage sale and thrift store finds

I went garage saling today. I expected to find quite a few dolls at a church garage sale I went to but the pickings were slim. I did find two things I was looking for, one at the aforementioned church sale, one at a sale I went to before that. At the church sale I found these two adorable Kelly dolls I just had to snatch up (remember my rule about dolls of color?)

Aren't they adorable? They have arms that are articulate at the shoulders but both came naked (which I don't usually find with Kellys.) The redhead on the right, who I nicknamed Risa, borrowed an outfit from another Kelly for the sake of modesty. The African American, Kira as I have so dubbed her, is wearing a red sweater I knit her of my own design. Both will soon have clothes to call their own and Risa will return the dress to the other Kelly. Both need a fresh coat of paint on their shoes, Kira more than Risa.

I also found a Dr. Barbie lab coat (on a barbie I know is not Dr. Barbie) that will be given to another barbie, along with the barbie stethoscope I found around a Ken's neck the other day and a dentists chair I got some time ago. I am also making a barbie nurse that will likely be packaged with the Dr. Barbie along with a Kelly patient.

Also earlier this week, I forgot to say, I bought a lovely (though small, in number of rooms, not in size) doll house:

The dolls inside the house haven't had clothes made for them, they are only there for scale.

So what do you all think?

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